Carla Grunauer
1982, Tucumán

I investigate the possibilities of painting and drawing by taking figurations that circulate along a path of free associations and mental spaces. My works evoke different imageries, sometimes primitive, sometimes metaphysical, where architectural forms, abstractions and icons coexist. I’m interested in the development of particular execution techniques that combine contemporary materialities with traditional craft practices, creating permeable blends and edges between painting and drawing, abstraction and figuration, body and architecture. I think of the image as an unknown fiction that at times touches the surface of what we know, the artistic practice as an oracle and the body as a medium. The themes of my projects emerge from the materials and the gestural, in the first place. Then they are transformed into accurate signalling, a form that reveals itself out of intuition towards a guided reading. In my recent works, I present a series of fiction inhabited by decomposed and disjointed bodies that seek to reconstitute themselves and establish a new balance. They are liminal beings that inhabit waste and ruin as refuge architecture.

BIO / CV ↯

Carla Grunauer (1982, Tucumán) has a degree in Visual Arts from the National University of Tucumán. She participated in the Artists Program of the Torcuato Di Tella University (2018-2019) and carried out workshops with Rafael Cippolini thanks to a grant from the National Fund for the Arts (2013). In 2015 she was part of the Amigo del Interior Scholarship, conducting a workshop with Carlos Huffmann and Javier Villa and a production workshop led by Martín Legón, Gastón Pérsico and Cecilia Szalkowicz. 

In 2021 she held her first individual exhibition in a museum: “Las Oferentes” (Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires). In 2022 she participates in the project “The book of the thousand things” of La Intermundial Holobiente, exhibited at Documenta Fifteen (Kassel, Germany).

She made solo shows and participated in group exhibitions, among: “La sombra encendida” (Galeria Gilda Lavia, Rome, Italy), “Una historia de la imaginación en Argentina”, Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires (2019), “Cartas para un animal que sueña”, Espacio Tucumán (2019), “El fuego de un brazalete”, PIEDRAS (2018), “Ya nos estamos yendo” y “Lo que mueve la quietud”, Sala de exhibiciones Universidad Torcuato DiTella (2018), “Dibujo para hablar más lento”, Centro Cultural Heraldo Conti (2018), “Still life”, UV estudios (2016) y “Sin invisible”, Un Club (2014) among others.

Her work belongs to the Collection of the Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires, the F. Klemm Foundation Collection, the National Collection of the Central Bank, the Palais de Glace National Collection and the Di Tella Institute Collection.

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