Fátima Pecci Carou

I build my work collecting elements from multiple sources, such as historical and journalistic documents, also information taken from art history, popular mass culture and even episodes from my own life. Through the procedures of appropriation, decontextualisation and transposition, images that circulate on the internet, in art magazines, personal documents, feminist theory, political graphics and … Read more

Josefina Labourt

How do we deal with the strangeness of having/being a body and being surrounded by other bodies and in turn by ideas and words in the context of language? How do we relate to our own body and the rest of the materialities that surround us (food, other bodies, etc.)? How do we adapt our … Read more

Carla Grunauer

I investigate the possibilities of painting and drawing by taking figurations that circulate along a path of free associations and mental spaces. My works evoke different imageries, sometimes primitive, sometimes metaphysical, where architectural forms, abstractions and icons coexist. I’m interested in the development of particular execution techniques that combine contemporary materialities with traditional craft practices, … Read more

Constanza Giuliani

The formal bases of my work are anchored in the practice of drawing and painting. Using the airbrush, a tool that allows the hybridization of these activities, I develop visual imagery close to surrealism, comics, animation and graffiti. By making pseudo-stories or proto-comics, I investigate experimental writing in painting and graphic arts. The text often … Read more

Teresa Giarcovich

I develop my work overlapping layers of information. I usually create translucent surfaces and weaves with which I create different installations in space. My process of working with textiles is very similar to watercolour painting, the colour appears by a combination of accumulation and transparency, it is light sensitive and variable, dynamic. I compose with … Read more

Clara Esborraz

Mi investigación se centra en el dibujo, no sólo como un medio para representar una idea sino también como una práctica que produce ideas en sí misma. Estoy interesada en la sensibilidad, accesibilidad y agencia política de los “materiales comunes”, como las biromes y papel bookcel y su contraste con las herramientas consideradas “nobles” por … Read more

Jimena Croceri

Jimena Croceri es una artista multidisciplinaria que trabaja en performance, objeto, video, dibujo y escritura. Su trabajo se caracteriza por la intención y el experimento, por la resistencia y la fluidez. En un método de laboratorio que no es racional ni estéril sino más curioso que preciso, su trabajo consiste en varios elementos protagonistas: tiempo, … Read more

Carrie Bencardino

Through my practice, I investigate the visual discourses present in the different scenes that I have frequented from an early age, from queer party circles to the metal underground of Buenos Aires. Characters with body modifications, nightclubs, junk images from the Internet, bands’ iconography are some of the frequent elements in my work, through which … Read more

Santiago Gasquet

My work shifts from painting and video to performance and drawing, this last one gathers most of my job. I’m interested in various elements that are present in collective thinking such as fear, pop music, psychotropic plants or biased typography of the mass media as resources to narrate social issues of my time and my … Read more

Mónica Heller

Monica Heller develops through drawing, painting, 2D and 3D animations a display of dense narratives mediated by anthropomorphic characters and objects concerning the surrounding symbolic world. Her characters derived from fairy tales or fables accept adult roles in complex relationships that link the spectator with close representations in a constant displacement of meaning. The essential … Read more

Liv Schulman

La obra de Liv Schulman adopta la forma de ficciones documentales, series de televisión, conferencias-performances y escritura novelesca. Los principales recursos de su obra provienen de un uso agotado del lenguaje, el cual funciona como un flujo anticrítico manifestándose a través del uso instrumental de uno o varios cuerpos. A Liv le interesan las diferentes … Read more

Joaquin Aras

I am interested in how narrative affects everyday life. My projects are based on the study of narrative structures and genres – especially cinematographic ones – together with their archetypal characters, also exploring the strategies and techniques used for the construction of stories. I use these familiar storytelling practices to try to understand the ways … Read more