Josefina Labourt


12 ↭ 18 JUN, 2023


Josefina Labourt presents a project on old age and femininities based on imagination as an individual faculty and in relation to the imaginary as a social product. She builds with warmth a place for thought and encounter, which without being an allegory of old age, facilitates a space for dialogue and visibilization.

The installation is made up of paintings and sculptural objects. She exhibits part of the research carried out during the last few years, in which she appropriates the meanings and forms of representation of the themes she deals with.

Otherness is the common thread among the exhibited artworks: they shape themselves both in relation to the body they represent and to the other bodies that surround them, which in the encounter with the viewer proposes a presence from the gaze and from the being.

There are several key elements with which Labourt plays to enhance the senses: skin, flowers, tree barks, eggshells and fragments of bodies, presented from a perspective that seeks to translate lived experiences on the bodies. 

The skin is the protagonist of its own narrative as a sensitive and vulnerable surface, loaded with stories that draw lines, folds, wounds and cracks. A visible border that separates the inside from the outside.


Josefina Labourt