Rafael Beltrán
Santiago Gasquet

PIEDRAS is an art gallery located in the city of Buenos Aires, in the neighborhood of San Telmo. The gallery represents a group of artists who, with a personal view, explore the peripheries, flaws and interstices of the great dominant discourses.

Being critical actors in every context, their artists often explore gender issues, the question of what it means to inhabit a body today, the critique of neoliberal economies and the performative power of fiction in everyday life.

The gallery’s programme includes individual and collective exhibitions, performances and ephemeral proposals such as concerts and talks, as well as participation in various international fairs. Every experience is thought of as an open process that promotes the experimental nature of each project.

PIEDRAS began as an artist-run project in 2014 and mutated into a gallery in 2018, presenting itself as an alternative in which professionalism and joy converge and feed off each other, redefining the gallery project as an environment that celebrates gathering and diversity.


Perú 1065
e/ Humberto 1° y Carlos Calvo
San Telmo
Buenos Aires, Argentina
CP 1068


Thursday to Saturday 16-20 h
or by appointment

The gallery do not receive unsolicited portfolios


+549 (11) 2541 6000