Carrie Bencardino
1993, Buenos Aires

Through my practice, I investigate the visual discourses present in the different scenes that I have frequented from an early age, from queer party circles to the metal underground of Buenos Aires. Characters with body modifications, nightclubs, junk images from the Internet, bands’ iconography are some of the frequent elements in my work, through which I construct my own story of those who inhabit these spaces, their phenomena and their contradictions. The autobiographical is presented as a possible exponent of situations that, isolated from the context that justifies their existence, invite us to think of agitation as a way of inhabiting the contemporary world. Expanding the limits of my practice, involving other people, recreating agitation instances, and that representation becomes a presented action are some of my main interests when working. I isolate code-laden actions from their usual context and try to condense a given gesture. It challenges me to analyse what happens to these gestures when they are taken out of their usual environment, and what transformations they produce in their surroundings when this happens.

BIO / CV ↯

Carrie Bencardino (b. 1993, Buenos Aires) studied Visual Arts at UNA. They participated in the 2020 ArtistsxArtists Program and in the 2019 UTDT Artists Program. They won the Rosario Bléfari Award at the 2020 Jamaica Visual Arts Prize and the 2nd Prize of the SNAV of La Pampa 2019. In 2019 they received the FNA Training Scholarship. They took classes with Carlos Herrera in 2018 and a fellowship clinic with Manuel Ameztoy between 2014 and 2017. Them held they first solo show

in 2020 at Piedras gallery, entitled “Never gonna forget how awful I felt.” In 2021 they participated in a residency in Munar with the group Princesas del Asfalto, of which they is a member. They participated

in exhibitions at La Bienal 2019, FIVA 2019, BC Performance Stimulus Award, UNL Young Art Biennial 2018, Barro, UV, and PM. They currently performs a work clinic with Flavia Da Rin.