Carrie Bencardino


10 ↭ 16 JUN, 2024


PIEDRAS presents Naked City, the most recent series of paintings by Carrie Bencardino (Buenos Aires, 1993), which is being exhibited for the first time at Liste, inspired by a melancholy glam and the ’80s New York Club Kids.

Carrie portrays anonymous faces who in tears and with their make-up smeared overflow the limits of their canvases. As often happens in Carrie’s works, these are characters who inhabit the night, playing leading roles in countercultural realms where social norms dissolve and music is ever-present. There’s a profound synesthesia in their creative process, capturing the essence of the ambient sound of an underground party or the nostalgic echoes of the new romantic movement that inspire this latest series of oils, with an underlying unsettling and estranged atmosphere that’s characteristic of the artist.

The notion of fluidity is a constant element in Bencardino’s paintings, where their own non-binary identity engages with the agitated way they manipulate pictorial matter, escaping sharpness and generating diluted, undefined strokes. Their elusive brushwork is a political statement: it represents, shapes, and distorts that which doesn’t need to be defined.


Carrie Bencardino